EASYGROUND® Floor Coating in Action!

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Private Residence Concrete Garage Floor

Floor Area:  420 sq. ft.

 "The Easyground Floor Coating was very simple to apply. I decided to rent a floor polisher with a grinding wheel to prep the surface, I read online it improves the long-term performance of coatings. I applied it with two coats, as the manufacturer recommended and broadcast the provided color chips. Overall, I am very happy with the final results."


Private Residence Concrete Garage Floor

Floor Area:  400 sq. ft.

"I was very excited to get my hands on Easyground Floor Coating. I heard of the company before and knew they make great products. The concrete floor was in pretty rough shape. I pressure washed the entire floor, patched a few locations with a repair material, and filled a joint around the garage perimeter with a urethane sealant that I picked up at a local hardware store. The coating went down very easily, and I liked that there were no odors or smell. The first coat was diluted with water and second went on a bit thicker. The garage looks great now and the coating has been stood up to two winters already!"


Customer Feedback:

“Material was easily applied, and it looks awesome!!! The service is excellent. Thank you!!!”

“Top product, top service - expertise on the hotline, too.”

“Quality is excellent, easy applied and super customer service.”

“I was very happy with the service. The application of the coating was as easy as shown in the video and the product works as promised. I have recommended to my friends.”

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